Discovery-Chef Macee’s Herb Spritzes

This is a totally unsponsored post. I am sure Chef Macee’s has no idea who I am. However, once in a while you discover something amazing and you want to tell your friends (or the world). I was wandering the produce aisle and these little spritz bottles caught my eye. Hmm concentrated herb spritz. Made with 100% fresh herbs. 9 spritz =1 Tablespoon fresh. 3 spritzes=5 calories.

I have a problem with keeping fresh herbs. I love them, but resist buying them because inevitably they wilt or I don’t need a ton of them. Then I have a problem paying the price for them. Of course, I have tried growing them. But, despite basil success and some rosemary success, winter comes and window sill gardening never works for me.

Enter Chef Macee’s. I bought a spritzer of the basil–just to try. We used it on some salads. I used it while cooking. Yum. We ended up finding a coupon or grocery store deal on them and bought a bunch for maybe 50 cents each. All sorts of flavors: Italian Seasoning, Basil, Rosemary, Chipotle, Oregano, Carmelized Onion, Parsley.

So, I was using these along in rather conventional ways. Then I had some fresh mozzarella and was craving caprese salad. No tomato. No basil. I thought ok, I can spritz a few pieces of mozzarella with the basil and have a wee snack. mmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious.

I started telling everyone in the house about this and they looked at me amused.

Then…I discovered spritzing a piece of string cheese (usually a cheese I ignore) with the Italian seasoning. Marinated cheese on the run!

Then…cheese and crackers with Chef Macee’s spritzed on the cheese. OH MY! Delicious! Fast! SOOOO good. And then accidentally I discovered that spritzing a plain cracker adds the flavor that makes it perfect for snacking–without cheese even. Way better than those “flavored” crackers that never taste just right. Add some basil, rosemary, or Italian Chef Macee’s on a roll for lunch instead of mayo or mustard. Way fewer calories and it tastes like a fancy sandwich shop sandwich.

Yes, it works great in recipes and on salads. But really–try some on your cheese, crackers, snacks, and sandwiches. SOOOOOOOOOO good.

Grilled Goat Cheese and Roasted Pepper Sandwiches

That’s right. That is what we had for dinner. Grilled Goat Cheese and roasted pepper sandwiches. I made them right at home. They tasted like a fancy cafe meal, but they couldn’t have been simpler. Denise roasted the peppers on Sunday. We had gotten an amazing deal on those fancy pants bags of sweet peppers last week.

I simply destemmed and deseeded them and put them on buttered bread. Sliced some goat cheese to go on top. Grilled it just like regular grilled cheese. I am in love with them. Seriously in love.

Denise created the menus this week but was a little vague on the sandwich prep so the grilled cheese option was my idea. It was perfect. Don’t leave the nice sandwiches for eating out. You can and should make them at home. You are worth it!

Impromptu Picnic Anyone?

I love the art work that goes with these recipes. Little Suzy:  “Daddy! Could you just move your legs so I don’t have to dive over you to get my sandwich?”  And of course, Mom is kneeling in the grass with her slight heels and skirt. She’s not even got a blanket to keep her from having grass stains on the skirt.  Daddy and Junior are digging in to mom’s impromptu picnic offerings naturally.

Be sure to click to see the original sized image. Truly worth it.

As for the recipes? I prefer my deviled ham with just a bit of mustard and maybe some mayo. No celery. I will repeat though that deviled ham is a nice addition to your favorite egg salad recipe.

Chili-chopped egg spread? Revolting. I loathe chili sauce and combining it with Miracle Whip (code word: salad dressing), green peppers and hard boiled eggs does not improve matters.

Carrot-nut spread–I actually don’t mind this one much, though it isn’t my favorite. 1 cup ground carrots and 1/3 cup peanuts–whip together in your food processor or blender with some mayonnaise.

From Merita Sandwich and Dessert Book, Bruce Dunbar, 1952

Garden Sandwich

Now isn’t this a pretty sandwich for spring? Think of the rainbow of color on your plate.





You want it don’t you? Well here are the details. Do take note the vegetable options aren’t fully listed in the ingredients. I personally would go with the carrots, green pepper, radishes and cucumber. Also, I would shred the radishes and carrots rather than chop.








Garden Sandwich

8 slices of bread
Butter or margarine
1/3 cup chopped green peppers or nut meats
1 lb creamed cottage cheese
Sliced peaches

Spread slices of bread with soft butter or margarine. Chop desired raw vegetables separately–carrots, green pepper, radishes, cucumber, celery, roasted peanuts, etc. Place on waxed paper. Dip bread into vegetable; cut in triangles. Place cottage cheese in lettuce cup on plate; garnish with peach slices. Arrange 4 open-face sandwiches on each plate as illustrated. Serves 4.

From Merita Sandwich and Dessert Book, Bruce Dunbar, 1952

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