A Good Dental Appointment

Many of you have been a party to my long dental saga. After over a decade of cruddy teeth, I was able and yes, I had to…find the time, energy, money, and health to get through *nearly* all of a large stack of dental work.
(I have Crohn’s disease–leading to a lot of vomiting, reflux, indescribable in polite company tummy troubles. Then prednisone and other steroids. None of it is good for teeth plus the fact that dentists really don’t want to see you when you may vomit ON them or have to dash to the restroom constantly. Your gi doc also frowns upon dental work. Great loop.)
I was making pretty good progress until May. Then a flare shut down the dental work progress. So close to the end!
Then new job. Conference. And re-entry. The other night I said “I need to call the dentist about setting up the appointments for the work not done. Like a miracle, the dental office must have heard my thoughts. I received an email with a time and date for an appt. Hmm. The date and time weren’t bad…but what if I called to see if I could be seen sooner. So I emailed back. Mirabelle, the super receptionist said sure! We can see you sooner! How about tonight? 6:30. Sure. For a cleaning right? “err I guess so…you emailed me.”
Then I sort of panicked. I hate cleanings. I hate the scraping. I hate the water. I hate the lectures. Wretched. I also have long had gums that bleed as more than one hygienist has said: like hamburger.
Needless to say, cleanings are not my favorite. Give me a root canal instead. Really. But I went. I met Bea the miracle hygienist. Very gentle. Told me she was a hand scraper. Ok, I said not sure of the difference. Didn’t they all do that? Anyhow she talked and yet wasn’t obnoxious like a lot of hygienists are about talking. I know–not the hygienists fault. They scrape goo off of teeth all day long and have to talk to strangers all day long. I didn’t get a lecture. It didn’t take hours. Then she sent the dentist in. Ok, NOW are the lectures. Nope. Instead he asked a few questions. He looked in my mouth and at the x-rays. No new cavities! Mouth has healed beautifully (FINALLY) from the surgeries. ANDDDDD he is proud of me for the miracle of good dental health. Yep. That’s right. Rotten toothed me got a glowing report from the dentist. For real. FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.
Yes. I still need to get the finish up stuff. But…YAY!

I don’t want to fix dinner

I woke up and failed to fall back asleep at 5 am. I ended up getting up and working. This meant I had a good three hours down before my usual start time of 8 am.
It also meant that I was pretty wiped out all day. I ended up nibbling a lot. Spacing out. But it was that kind of fatigue that doesn’t let you just grab a cat nap. No! Too awake for that or too busy. Sigh.
I don’t want to fix dinner turned into pasta and the leftover rarebit in the Ninja. I will throw a salad together AGAIN.
I just don’t want to fix dinner. I want McAlister’s Deli. It is an ok but not AMAZING chain restaurant in the south. I consider it somewhere between fast food and casual dining. I want one of those sandwiches that is very large and not quite what I like most of the time but edible. I want a big cup of sweet tea.

I need to get it together. JMP is coming. So is everyone else. That means I need a menu plan. Toddler to Vegan to Celery Hater to “I’m not hungry” and “I’ll eat whatever (but not really or I won’t make a suggestion)” to Gluten-free with a large helping of “You are not going to make a mess.” added to the fun.

Monday Meandering

I have about a zillion post ideas:
1. The death of “children’s cereal” caused by protective parents and a look back at the retro classics that ADULTS still eat
2. Skeeter the Tattle Dog
3. Why TB is more likely to kill you than Ebola
4. How it is 15 minutes until normal dinner time and I have no idea what I am going to serve
5. Women as environmentalists
6. Rachel Carson and Her Sisters (Seriously read this book)
7. How to go about determining the source of bad dog smell in your bedroom. Dogs? Bedding? Who knows. I actually have to determine this still, but the smell is driving me nuts.
8. BlogHer 14–reflections on the demographic. *Not young mamas and geeky 30s women as much anymore. We are older, more interesting, wiser, and often heavier. I suspect we have more income we don’t have to ask our husbands about too.
9. Dolce Gusto– I won one. I thought I would love it. I have issues
10. BlogHer 14 Sponsor Recap. (Yay Twisted Shots! I learned to do a Shot at BlogHer and other revelations)

So there is 10. I could likely go on. But as I mentioned: dinner. 9 minutes now. No idea

My Brain is Weird

Last night I got Junie B Jones mixed up with June Jordan. Let me tell you how it happened.

My first born and I were talking about celery last night. First born stated: “I don’t like celery but I don’t know why.” We discussed the many cons to celery. I ended with “But celery stewed is more quietly chewed.” There was a response muttered under breath. I didn’t catch it. What? What did you say? Laughing child said “I am not going to say it. I am not.”

Then I realized what was said “Celery, Raw. Strengthens the Jaw.” (Ogden Nash by the way)

You see, this story then goes back to just after a homeschooling fair we attended probably in 2003. While there I picked up a copy of “Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization” despite the fact that we were there for materials for Michelle who was about 14. The little kids were still “Little” though First Born was probably about 10. My kids were going to learn to love poetry! I loved poetry. This was a cd and book set to help! The next step after the various children’s poetry anthologies I read them as tots! Besides, memorizing things is a lost art.

Thus commenced the practice of listening to the cd in the car. We got through Ooey Gooey. Then came Celery. The little girls picked it up fast. The First Born refused to repeat the poem. Refused. Day after day. We couldn’t move on. First Born threw down the gauntlet. I faced off. The little girls did hear the next poem a few times in hopes of tempting First Born. No. So no more poetry cd in the car. I was a bit sad, (POETRY!) (Money WASTED!) but we weren’t moving on if I couldn’t get participation. And there we left it though the adults and little girls were apt to say either the first or second part of the poem whenever celery came up in conversation.

Last night, I turned off the lights and my brain kicked in high gear. Please tell me this happens to you too.
Bits of nonsense floated around like pesky flies. Midges.

I thought “I didn’t mention on Facebook that First Born DID memorize the Celery poem” Then I thought maybe I would blog about it. Blog about the cd and that book by oh darn it I know her name. JUNIE B JONES. Yes JUNIE B JONES. And the picture of a Scholastic book flashed in my head. Hmm that isn’t right. Then pictures of both a Junie B Jones book and the book I was thinking of flashed in my head. Also a random picture (which proved to be right, of where the book to the poetry book to the poetry book and cd set was and what it looked like) And then I realized I had been thinking of June Jordan. My brain malfunctioned and drew the wrong June out of the card catalog. Then I tried to picture June Jordan and Junie B Jones and laughed to myself. I thought “I really should blog this oddness.” So, I have.

An aside: I strongly recommend June Jordan’s Poetry for the People: A Revolutionary Blueprint for parents of Tweens and Teens and/or the teens themselves. Ok, I recommend it for everyone.