Triple Treat-with Green Balls

Triple Treat  Not only with Green Balls…but a Burning Bush as well. These three recipe names sound more like things discussed in a house of ill repute than your fine and gracious home…and while the Green Balls and Burning Bush might not be too odd (ok, the burning bush definitely would scream vintage appetizer with that dried beef, and anything rolled in parsley does but…nevermind that) What is the deal with the Triple Treat? A cherry, pickle and onion together? Happy surprise indeed!

Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook

Retro Cocktails and Appetizers

I am all for a nice Saturday cocktail. Particularly when it is retro and non-alcoholic as these are (yes, I have a secret fondness for a single glass of tomato juice from time to time, particularly fresh tomato juice). However, I am most interested in the vintage Kix cereal recipe down at the bottom; buttered or cheese Kix. I may have to make some.


Also includes recipes for tomato juice, tomato bouillon, tomato-sauerkraut juice, tomato-clam juice (Clamato!), Bouillon or Consommé, Jellied Bouillon (for those hot days!), vegetable cocktail,cranberry cocktail (festive!), spiced cider, minted citrus juice (sounds refreshing!), as well as simple accompaniments like potato chips topped with grated Parmesan cheese, then toasted and buttered crackers with celery seed or paprika. From Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook

Clever Wife…


The clever wife has a simple appetizing cocktail (cold in summer, hot in winter) ready for her weary husband when he comes home at night.

Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook, 1950, First Edition, Published by McGraw-Hill Book Company and General Mills, Inc

Colorful Relishes

Appetizer Map

The map to the two appetizer pictures and a few recipes. Stuffed cucumber, Celery Trunks, Stuffed Celery, and a Green Cheese Ball. Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook

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