I made my friend Sharon put a fresh post her blog for BlogHer. (My standard BlogHer advice. Have a fresh post on your blog.) You should read it. She’s a newbie this year. Sharon is also the sort of awesome friend you want to have: A BlogHer Introduction. Of course, I then thought I should eat my own dog food as it were and post a bit as well. Here goes:

I am headed to BlogHer17. I have only missed two BlogHer conferences. The first one and the one last year. I am going because it is close and because I missed the people. The ones I have known for years and meeting new people.

BlogHer is in my backyard this year. Yay Orlando. This makes getting there easy. Also, it means we will be near Disney and I’ve coaxed Denise into some Disney time. I think she is actually excited. I will probably regret that because OMG, tired after BlogHer doings.

Oh…another reason I am going this year:

Yes! I am speaking. I will be on the How to Navigate Mental Health Issues Online and Offline panel. Some of you may be asking “What?” “Why?” I may have asked the same thing. You know why? Because my day job is community manager. Yes. I manage communities. I am good at it. Even great at it. I know managing the crisis situations, the dos and don’ts and all things community related. Or at least how I do them, which is clearly right. šŸ˜‰ The original description had a bit more about online communities and how to keep yourself safe and all that

I also hope to get a bit of inspiration to figure out if I am just a social media influencer or if I want to be a steady blogger again.


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