The Flamingo House at Paradise Pond

We’ve bought a home. This is the first home Denise and I have bought together. It will be our forever home. We love it.

Front of a 70s home The Flamingo house

It is on a lake–more of a large pond actually. We have almost an acre of land. (probably an acre–but part of it belongs oddly to someone across the lake–so there is a weird divot in the property line next to the lake. There is also a large area in FRONT of the house that isn’t ours but is ours. Unless, of course, there is some nature of huge expansion that requires our tiny dirt road to become a three lane highway.

The house started out as a two bedroom lake house and sprawled into a giant, wonderful, 70s home. We’ve spent more time outside in the past three weeks than we ever really have before. The hounds love their big yard. I’ve got big plans for gardening. In fact, I joined growjourney today. They send certified organic seeds, that include information on seed saving and MORE. Now to get the “boys” (our son Chris and his friend Chuck) to building my raised beds. Great yard, bad sandy soil.

This is where we spend most of our time:

deckLooking at this:


But, we also love the inside. We’ve replaced the carpet with laminate. Brand new laminate–and there is a lot of it. I wish I had some serious Bona muscle (Can anyone tell me what that one that was at the BlogHer Conference last year?) to help take care of it. For now, we are handling it with our mops and Denise’s whatever it is that vacuums and wet wipes the floor. Grr, I should remember the name.

We’ve bought real, live living room furniture. We are going with brights! We bought an orange chair from At Home. We also bought some great pillows there. Add in some tractor seat bar stools for the breakfast bar. My mother gifted us with a sleeper sofa, an end table that is fabulous, and a new tv stand. Our IKEA tv stand wasn’t up to the move. Of course. Neither were our bookshelves, kitchen cart, or desks or two of the children’s beds. Sigh. But now we are trying to choose deliberately, furniture that will last, items that will bring us joy.

We still have so much to do, replace, create. I have an ever-growing wish list on Amazon. From the silly and unnecessary to the more serious.

The boys are here now working on finishing up with removing the carpet from the Florida room. (Where they put it as they installed the laminate.) They are measuring for our bookshelves in the office, installing a grab bar in the downstairs bathroom, planting the gardenias and lemon tree IN THE GROUND! Because we own our home! We can actually plant them in the ground.

One of the gardenias is my housewarming present to Denise when we first moved in together 14 years ago. The one I gave her before we were a couple, 15 years ago perished several years into our couple-hood. It was in a too small pot, outside in the Florida heat, and we’d left town without instructions to water it. But this one, the August beauty has survived and thrived, despite being moved to Illinois and back to Florida. It has had its hard times, so have we.

I’ve decided it is time for a bit of a pivot. I will be blogging more about gardening, outdoor activities, home decor, remodeling a 70s home while keeping the 70s character (because I am still all about the retro)  life with an empty nest, maybe even some *gasp* entertaining. (But still caregiving for my mother) I may even change the name of the blog.

Enough for now–just dipping in my toes. I have so much to tell y’all.


  1. Congrats on the new abode! Looks lovely! Gardening — Yay!

  2. Happy new home to you and Denise!

  3. Thanks Linda and Laurel!

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