Holidays and hashtags

I love nearly ALL holidays. #Talklikeapirate day excluded. But, go ahead and sign me up for #gruntledworkerday and family favorite #pigday. I even have a special Pi Plate for Pi Day.

Not only do I really love these reasons to celebrate, remember, acknowledge, special days and just plain silly days–I’ve been using them as themes at work since the Internet began. Ok, since the mid-90s. Back in the day, as we say around here–it didn’t MATTER that the holiday had a million character name. Sure, a slow internet connection might make lag a groaner for International Buy a Priest a Beer day (September 9), but you could use as many letters and words to get the point across as you needed.

In fact, with the right set up, you could probably get hundreds of interactions on that one holiday. Now though, we have Twitter. And that means…140 chars. Minus a link. Minus the chars for the pictures–because really a picture is what makes someone click over to the site. So, that leaves 94 characters plus or minus a few to come up with something to say about those things. Then subtract a tag–say #NationalDogWeek, you’ve got 78 letters and spaces to get your point across. Know what? I am pretty sure that your average Bob book has more.

So, if you have a holiday or hashtag–keep it short. Because I do want to share something about it.

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