The Cubs Game

I had a magical birthday month. Denise thought of everything and anything for my birthday. Then Mama topped it off with a fabulous birthday cake from Sugarees. (Seriously, look them up. Our non-cake eating family pretty much argued over the leftovers of the caramel cake Mama and Julia gave me)

But, one weird and deliriously happy day was going to see the Cubs game at Wrigley Field. I’ve long been fascinated by Wrigley. And the Cubs. Yes, I am a born and bred Marylander and that means the Orioles. I’ve been to a couple of their games and was…bored.

Back to Cubs day, it was a perfect day–not too hot, not too cold. The stadium had just the right amount of wind. We went on the El which was fun. We didn’t have to deal with traffic. Really no wait. And I have an affection for public transportation–at least from time to time. Denise took pictures of me in front of a bunch of the statues. She’d given me a Cubs hat the Friday before, so I could look the part. We bought and ate lots of ballpark food and drinks. I got my First Cubs Game Certificate. We had one of the professional photographers take our picture. Denise ordered a copy when we got home.

We watched the game. Thankfully, not a long one. Not a boring one. (Well, maybe there could have been a bit more I don’t know–play from the Braves)

The crowd was nice, polite, not a bunch of beer sloshing, scream at the players type. Staff was great.

Denise bought me a Rizzo jersey. I wouldn’t have bought it myself. I was cringing at the prices and even stopped myself from getting her a Cubs nightgown when I went to the gift store on my own.

The game ended. Cubs WIN! We rode home. We got home to anxious dogs who hadn’t seen us for hours. We were tired and had definitely “gotten our steps in.”

I left wanting more Cubs. Mostly just wanting more magical, crazy days of doing something we just don’t do. (Sports. Spend frivolously. Spend time in a crowd, but together.)


  1. I hope you’ve always wanted to see a night game, since we’re going to do that on Sunday. I’m going to freeze.

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