Sometimes I wonder why I click on articles. “Click bait” articles. One today: 10 Things You Don’t Know You Can Do With Facebook.

I clicked. I read. Yeah, I knew all of those things. I work on Facebook as part of my job. I have lived online for 20+ years. I keep on top of industry news–because that is MY JOB. So, why when reading a non-tech site would I click to find out the “secrets of Facebook?”

Because I am curious. Because I am just like everyone else and there might be something worthwhile. I will resist viral videos and titles for a long time. “You won’t believe what happened when this father and daughter…” but if enough people share it–I will look. Usually I believe it. I also enjoy it many times. Sometimes I wonder if all the world is mad and my friends are just too far from being me because I won’t get it. At all.

What I don’t understand is people who click into articles they feel are click bait and comment on how horrible it is for a site to use such techniques. Why not? You were curious enough to click. Just because you didn’t learn something or agree–that doesn’t make it a bad article. The 10 Things You Don’t Know You Can Do with Facebook piece was like that. It was probably a good article. It just wasn’t helpful to me.

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