Quiet Suburbs?

Those of you living in cities and those of you believing in the idea of your living in a bedroom community, I have words for you. The suburbs are not quiet. At all. On any given day, there are garbage trucks, mail trucks, delivery trucks, contractors, utility workers, landscapers and MORE. None of these are quiet. They also stir up dogs. (ours and everyone’s dogs)

Not to mention those cats you let out for the day…dogs just love to bark at those as well. And your AC unit goes on and off all day while you aren’t even at home.

Then you come home, bringing with you banging doors, shouting at your children, shouting at your dog, shouting children, banging your mailbox.  Then you turn on your TVs and music. I think that every person in the suburbs should head for hearing checks immediately. Or maybe those cathedral ceilings in your McMansion only direct sound OUT of the house? I don’t know. But it is all loud.

In any case, just in case you were wondering, suburbs aren’t quiet.

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