Kindle Fires by the Six Pack

Once upon a time we had a house FULL of tech desiring children. Ok, they still desire tech–but are pickier now. I want to point out that our family has SIX children. SIX. So, yes, they got some tech. Santa has his ways. But, identical? Never.

But, today when I saw that there is now a Kindle Fire so cheap that you can buy a six pack? 150916225906-amazon-fire-six-pack-780x439

I wondered for a moment if I could sub out Christmas Pajamas on Christmas Eve for Kindles. (Have you seen the prices for pajamas? Nightgowns? And no, I never can manage to find some in the price range I want to spend online from Amazon in sizes for all the children.) Instead, the Prime fairy could deliver me SIX Kindle Fires for…250.00. Yes, buy 5 get 1 free.

No, that won’t fly. Traditions you know.

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