A Different Love Song

cookbookdonationWe’ve been working through our stuff using the KonMari method. You can read more about the process at Flamingohouse Happenings. One thing I’ve known since I knew we were starting this method was that…my millions of cookbooks weren’t bringing me joy.

I kept many the last time we moved and have bought more in the years since…for this blog. Many of them are fantastic with recipes, with women’s names, with corny pictures, with absolutely horrifying photos and illustrations.  I thought they brought me joy. I wanted them to bring me joy. I wanted a life like the Retro-food woman illustration I created. Apron, smile on my face, quirky recipes from yesteryear popping out from my kitchen and on to this blog. I still do in a way.

That didn’t happen. I don’t foresee it happening. It just isn’t where I am at anymore. I’ve kept the ones I use or can’t part with because just seeing them is joy. The rest though will be donated and someone else can find their joy with them.

Instead of a weighty expectation that I will meet a lofty ideal of a 50s housewife and big name blogger with the best niche in food sitting on an overstuffed bookshelf outside my bedroom, I will be free of expectations I just don’t meet, that don’t suit me at this point in my life.

That does mean officially, this isn’t a food blog anymore–though the archives contain the best and the brightest of magic from my collection. Or at least the best and brightest I actually followed through with and posted.

Instead I will post my life, my love, whatever quirky things catch my brain cells. That will probably include food sometimes. In the meantime, start listening because I will start to sing a love song of me, the real me, a more transparent me and less of a hiding behind a cookbook with a funny photo. I am letting go of the expectations I put on myself and embracing the joy in my life.


  1. shipload5 says:

    I’ve been following Denise’s posts and enjoying seeing the process through photos 🙂 I look forward to reading your joy that you share with us!

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