Six days. Sigh

I made six posts in a row. Then missed yesterday. I thought about it, but kept putting it off until “later.” Then I forgot altogether until my computer went to bed for the night. So I missed yesterday. Not much to miss really. It was a draggy day for me.
Today was much better, despite the fact I had the most tired, unrefreshed day EVER and then at bedtime I couldn’t fall asleep. What the heck? It was after 2 am when I finally fell asleep.

Today we went for a long visit to the dog park. We meandered. The dogs ran and and ran and ran and ran. They are now very tired. The park was nearly empty. Surprising it was so empty because well, the weather was perfect.

Tomorrow the “little girls” come. RJ’s last long stretch before college. GIANT SNIFF. Ava comes for just a wave and hug length visit Sunday. Monday night the big kids come. Tuesday morning Johnny Mac Pippin and his Mama come. It is a busy week ahead.


  1. I forgot about Thursday. So now we’re both freestyling it, this month 🙂 Have a great weekend/week!

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