I don’t want to fix dinner

I woke up and failed to fall back asleep at 5 am. I ended up getting up and working. This meant I had a good three hours down before my usual start time of 8 am.
It also meant that I was pretty wiped out all day. I ended up nibbling a lot. Spacing out. But it was that kind of fatigue that doesn’t let you just grab a cat nap. No! Too awake for that or too busy. Sigh.
I don’t want to fix dinner turned into pasta and the leftover rarebit in the Ninja. I will throw a salad together AGAIN.
I just don’t want to fix dinner. I want McAlister’s Deli. It is an ok but not AMAZING chain restaurant in the south. I consider it somewhere between fast food and casual dining. I want one of those sandwiches that is very large and not quite what I like most of the time but edible. I want a big cup of sweet tea.

I need to get it together. JMP is coming. So is everyone else. That means I need a menu plan. Toddler to Vegan to Celery Hater to “I’m not hungry” and “I’ll eat whatever (but not really or I won’t make a suggestion)” to Gluten-free with a large helping of “You are not going to make a mess.” added to the fun.


  1. Toddler to Vegan to GLUTEN-FREE. It’s the Gluten-free that’s the killer. Also, I miss McAllister’s grilled cheese, even though they changed it and it’s not good anymore. Now I’m off to see where the closest McAllister’s will be to our new home.

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