Monday Meandering

I have about a zillion post ideas:
1. The death of “children’s cereal” caused by protective parents and a look back at the retro classics that ADULTS still eat
2. Skeeter the Tattle Dog
3. Why TB is more likely to kill you than Ebola
4. How it is 15 minutes until normal dinner time and I have no idea what I am going to serve
5. Women as environmentalists
6. Rachel Carson and Her Sisters (Seriously read this book)
7. How to go about determining the source of bad dog smell in your bedroom. Dogs? Bedding? Who knows. I actually have to determine this still, but the smell is driving me nuts.
8. BlogHer 14–reflections on the demographic. *Not young mamas and geeky 30s women as much anymore. We are older, more interesting, wiser, and often heavier. I suspect we have more income we don’t have to ask our husbands about too.
9. Dolce Gusto– I won one. I thought I would love it. I have issues
10. BlogHer 14 Sponsor Recap. (Yay Twisted Shots! I learned to do a Shot at BlogHer and other revelations)

So there is 10. I could likely go on. But as I mentioned: dinner. 9 minutes now. No idea


  1. What a tease! Interesting topics. I just heard about that book, but maybe it was from you on Facebook. I’ll add it to my imaginary list of books I want to read that I can never remember when I’m at the library. Also interesting note about the BlogHer demographics. It sounds like the original crowd has stuck with it, but what does it mean if the organization ages instead of attracting a fresher, younger crowd. Hmmm.

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