Retro Inspired Modernish Remake: Welsh Rarebit

Western Welsh Rarebit  Tonight I set out to make Welsh Rarebit. I knew we had a billion open bags of shredded cheese. I knew we had a bit of white wine. I went to rummaging in the refrigerator. I pulled out the milk, the withering yellow pepper, some cherry tomatoes, all those (nearly) bags of shredded cheese.

I pulled the Better Homes and Gardens Fondue Cookbook from the shelf. I really have wanted to get back to retro-recipes.

There were two Rarebit recipes. Neither was just perfect, but I did get some ideas. That pepper WOULD work in the rarebit. (See left!) I had no beer or celery. I used the whole pepper and it was chopped small and not finely. Process American Cheese? NO! Cheddar. Prepared mustard? NO. Dry Mustard. No mushrooms or Worcestershire sauce.

I instead melted 1/2 stick of margarine, sauteed the chopped pepper a bit, added about 1/4 cup of flour. Made it roux like–added milk slowly to make a medium white sauce. Then the splash of wine, dry mustard, salt, and cheese. Stirred and melted. Added a bit more milk when it got too thick. I chopped the cherry tomatoes longwise. I toasted some rye bread. The cherry tomatoes on top of the toast, then the cheese sauce, then a bit of dill on top to add color. Perfect! Fast! Well-received.

Welsh Rabbit! (yes, I know RAREbit and likely not Welsh at all by the time it made it to creation in my kitchen.)

photo 2


  1. wow, I’m drooling!

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