NaBloPoMo and Me….  I have mostly avoided the NaBloPoMo urge. Ok, I think about it. I may even post at the beginning of the month. But, straight up join? Not so much. But, fresh off the thrill of BlogHer14, I get the itchy finger urge to write. At least now that I have survived reentry–mostly.

I have no idea why I am doing it this month otherwise. Let’s take a look at what this month has in store:

  1. Most important: Johnny Mac Pippin is coming! What can be more awesome than the cutest, smartest 2-year-old grandson ever coming and visiting?
  2. Oh! Right! For the first time in over a DECADE we will have ALL SIX OF OUR CHILDREN in the same space at the same time.  INCREDIBLE ! AWESOME! And I didn’t need to hire Melissa Ferrick to make it happen this time. Though I suspect our expenses will be similar.) I foresee bum-rushing the jet-lagged to a portrait studio to re-enact our Awkward Family Photo. (which the Awkward Family Photo people wanted to use in their book but Jenn was on her honeymoon when the photo release needed to be sent in.)
  3. Swedish Sixteen! Lizzy turns sixteen this month. Yes, former people of Parent Soup–the child conceived while I worked the TTC board is turning 16. The rest of you who are scratching your head about “board” and “Parent Soup” –you missed the golden age of the Internet. On Dial-up. And yes! I did tend a flame war while in labor. Thanks for asking.
  4. Ava heads back to college.
  5. RJ heads to Oberlin College as a freshman. I just got my first “Save the Date” email from them for some event.
  6. I have a birthday. (45, I think!)
  7. Jenn has a birthday! 31. (I think.)
  8. Yes, we share a birthday–but I HAD IT FIRST
  9. Three crazy active dogs–one who has not yet met Pippin. He is also the one scared of strangers. Strangers being anyone who doesn’t sleep here EVERY NIGHT since he came home.
  10. Work. Life. Cooking. Blogging. Answering emails. The usual. Driving Mama places (2 Senior Center things, nursing home visits, and oh yeah, she still needs to go get her glasses)

So, with that sort of to-do list you’d think that I use awesome tools to keep track of everything. My main tool: Denise. She is a wonder with to-do lists and actually DOING things on her to-do lists. Also, with keeping the rest of us on track.

Ok, so I also use Google Calendar to figure out “Do we have the kids?”  and my calendar on Thunderbird to keep track of work meetings and the like.

I STRONGLY recommend Evernote for all sorts of things you forget. It is a fabulous place to keep menus, shopping lists, templates, to-do lists, recipes, everything else.


And…Hi Melisa! I said BlogHer! Now everyone, keep me accountable for the rest of the month.

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