Get Ready for #BlogHer 14!

I'm Going to BlogHer '14!BlogHer14 is around the corner! This will be a magical time–a tenth anniversary celebration of all good things female and Social Media! Learning new things, meeting new friends, seeing old ones. Many of us are sitting and wondering (or pacing and wondering) what is on the to-do list before BlogHer.

Here are my suggestions of things you may forget:


  1. Clean your laptop and phone screen. Even if you aren’t taking your computer all day long with you–nothing shows screen grime like airport or hotel lighting.
  2. Post on your blog. Something decent that you won’t mind sponsors and new friends pulling up while you stand there.
    If you haven’t posted for months–make the effort.
    If you’ve posted and the most recent post is going to be something minimalist, just your latest workout or a picture of your lunch and that isn’t representative of what you want to be known for posting–then draft and/or publish a post that is the core of your blog.Don’t fall into the trap of just posting a giddy “I’m going to BlogHer! I hope to see you!” Yes, you can do that, but post something solid.
  3. Make sure there is plenty of space for new pictures and video on your phone. If your camera icon is hard to find: move it to the front page.
  4. Keep an eye out for the app announcement. There will be paper agendas but if you are anything like me–you won’t have them when you need them.
  5. Put an alert on your phone calendar for any do not miss items.
  6. Check out the sponsors. Follow them on Twitter/Facebook if they interest you. Explore their websites a bit.
  7. Wear the shoes you plan on taking. Seriously.I tend to end up getting a pair for wearing with a dress and then…the first time I actually wear them I am blistered in an hour. Better to know that before I go.
  8. Check out the conference group on Facebook. Follow @blogherevents on Twitter. Join the Skype buddy system if you need a buddy or just want to share in the excitement.
  9. Pack a heating pad, medications for headaches/migraines and your usual meds. Oops need a refill? Get it.
    After years of packing for BlogHer and doing the “Is it worth the extra space to take this med? I mean I haven’t had an asthma attack, stomach flu, stuffed up head for years” I recommend taking them.
    Granted there are drugstores in San Jose. There are even sponsors with such things. But, the time you don’t bring them–no dice.
    Likewise take your “feminine” care items. I don’t care if you haven’t had a period for 8 months or have just finished your period–surprise bleeding is common at BlogHer. If you have a uterus–take supplies.
  10. Open your heart and your mind to new ideas, new people. Be ready to poke yourself into a group of other people if they interest you.
    Practice not taking slights, bad wording, bad manners, bad attitudes to heart.
    That woman who pushed past you without a second look? She probably had other things on her mind, bad news from home, something that seemed important to get to on time.
    Be open and receptive. At the same time, don’t take things personally.
    Many of us aren’t professional conference go-ers. Some of us don’t ever get out. The whole range of insecurities, unpolished manners, and stress can lead to someone saying or doing something that takes you aback. Don’t let it ruin your conference.
    At the same time, make an effort to try to be aware of others, speak to them, smile, shine up your own manners. Tuck insecurity away.
    You are special. You are worthy.  You are a BlogHer. Prepare to sparkle!


  1. Agree completely with all your excellent advice! I would add packing some reusable totes in case you end up inheriting more stuff than you expected. That way if you have to you can check your main suitcase and carry on your totes. Learned that one the hard way with a busted zipper on my suitcase.

  2. Julie Ross Godar says:

    I have never seen #1 in a “getting ready to travel” anywhere post, and it is SO true. I’m never more horrified at my life as when I’m trying to work in an airport or take notes at a conference and my laptop is all crumbs and cat hair and the screen looks like a Jackson Pollock.

  3. Hahaha to the “if you have a uterus, take supplies.” I have a feeling the entire orbit of the moon will be thrown off by such a collection of feisty women 😉

    Also– excellent advice. My top priority right now is freeing up space on my iPhone.

  4. #1 made me laugh because I’ve gotten to a conference only to realize I had forgotten to clean my screen and keyboard and was HORRIFIED.

  5. I ALWAYS forget to clean my screen and it drives me crazy.

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