On My Way to BlogHer14 in San Jose–with YOU?! (and a DISCOUNT)

BlogHer 10For ten years, part of my summer has revolved around the BlogHer conference. I didn’t attend the first in person, but it happened after blogs entered my life in a big way. I watched all the live blogging. (which was really attendees blogging as they went along) It was a one day event that left me wanting more. We knew then if there was another BlogHer that we would go to the next one. (and I definitely campaigned for it to happen again!)That was in San Jose, nine years ago. We attended. I had cute shoes. (and blisters! Boy, was I unseasoned) The wi-fi couldn’t handle us all. We sat on the floor in the halls in break out sessions. I was so excited to be sitting with Nancy White and talking to her in pers0n–she more than anyone else helped me learn about Internet Community Management before there was such a thing. The conference that year wasn’t tiny like it had been the first year, but it was still small. We spent the evenings chatting around the pool. I talked for ages with Kelly Wickham. She wasn’t “A-list” then as far as I remember but is now. I marveled at the idea of mombloggers. MommyStory, Mom to the Screaming Masses, Three Kid Circus all were around. Now, I work with them! So many new people for me to meet that first year. (including an amusing moment for my family with Sweetney. I thought she was a lost person in need of a friend to welcome her.)

Then, the next year it was even bigger. But I kept meeting people. I kept finding nuggets of myself that I had lost. I found new people, new ideas. Year after year I go. Sometimes I wonder why–until I get there. There is a magic to BlogHer and that keeps me going back each year. Reuniting with old friends, meeting new friends, being inspired by women JUST like me. Some of those early mommybloggers turned it into a big career, some bloggers wrote books, some bring in the big bucks with advertising. Some of us still blog because we just want our own platform to share our ideas, our recipes, our children, our lives, or whatever floats our boat.

At BlogHer, you get to hear and interact with great speakers (some really “big” names and some you may never have heard of but will knock your socks off.)

I’ve taken my teens on several occasions. It is one of their rites of passage.

One of them has written it best in this quote from her blog:

” I felt like a part of a community, a family, a group with one unifying cause. At the community Keynote, I sat next to perhaps the most inspiring woman, besides my mother, that I had ever met (she knows who she is), and I told her that, coming into blogging, I was concerned that I wouldn’t stand out, that there would be a million bloggers just like, or better than me. But, I continued, coming to Blogher, I realized that no one could be exactly the same as anyone else. Like stars in the sky, we each have a different light, and we each illuminate the world in a different way. Whether we be mommy bloggers, life bloggers, book bloggers, or “miscellaneous un-life” bloggers, we each touch the blogging community and serve to make it better. Some of the things I have experienced in those couple days at the conference touched me more deeply than a lot of the experiences I’ve had in my life.”

Then there is the swag. I have to say learning about new brands and receiving samples and sometimes MORE from a brand has made me a fan. One year there was a manufacturer there and I mentioned my mother really loved their products BUT I was hesitant to provide them regularly because of the fat and sodium content. Guess what? They contacted me later about it and let me know when there were new products better suited to her health needs. I tend to joke that the swag makes my ticket pay itself back. Most of all though I like being heard as a consumer and as a potentially powerful voice in their business success.

You don’t want to miss out on all of that do you?

Want to know something even better? After the huge overwhelming conference last year–they put a cap on tickets for this year. That means more time socializing and talking with people. You will have a better chance to run into just the right person. If you are like me–the crowd factor dialed down will make you happy in any case.

Tickets are going fast though! The sweet people have given me a discount to share with my readers. Let’s fill a plane or 2 just from O’Hare airport full of BlogHers. Use this link to register today and receive 25% off the ticket price to attend BlogHer.

I will see you there!


  1. I wish I could go this year. Maybe a miracle will happen!

  2. I’ve missed the past couple of years but I am very excited to be going this year!

  3. I missed last year but have otherwise been going since 2008. I can’t wait for July!

  4. Elaine Plummer says:

    My third conference and I am so looking forward to the friends I will see, the ones I will meet and the information to be shared. Also, and this is big: FUN!!!!

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