My Secret Foodie Life

Mama is out of town. I am sure she thinks that Denise and I are eating out at ALL THE PLACES we never take her to while she is gone. Mama will be out of town until May 1. She’s been gone since March 24. Sum total of eating out: I think we drove through McDonalds once. We ordered pizza/pasta in for the kids last night but we do that when they are here on Thursday nights anyway and they won’t be here this Thursday.

So I am cooking up a storm, right? No. Tonight I am having–soggy cereal. I mixed up three kinds for variety because I have had cereal night several times. Denise will be eating leftover pizza. Other fab meals have included microwaved veggie burgers and egg sandwiches. Instant mashed potatoes. No meals at all.

Yes, we live it up while she’s gone.


  1. Well… we also went to Meatheads and to Egg Harbor. I offered to take you to dinner on another night but you weren’t interested.

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