The Idyll–Art and Craft Mini-Village

The Idyll has had a crafting “street” pretty much from the beginning. It morphs and changes a bit. First it started with the Fiber House. Then I realized that there was more to it. So I will start talking about them.

  • The Fiber House.
    This will be an amazing space. It will have just the right spaces for knitting, for learning to knit, for spinning wheels and looms. There will be a fireplace to gather around and knit with friends. A sunshine filled room with adjustable sides so you can knit in the fresh air. Plenty of comfortable places to knit, a place to sit your drinks, lighting, and lots of cubbies for yarn, places to store needles and more.Then there will be a paper crafting area–from making paper to scrapbooking to crazy paper projects. Tables of the right height, room to spread out, all those cutting gadgets, good paper scissors, supplies, tape, markers, pens, stickers, glitter, whatever. Bookbinding tools and areas.
    Then the sewing areas. A nice big cutting table. Sewing machines. Layout tables and walls. Ironing areas, a press. A room for a quilting frame. Places to cross stitch, embroider, hand sew. A long arm quilting machine. Plenty of light.

    Of course, there will be a kitchen with coffee and snacks. Closets/Cubbies for personal projects and supplies. Shelves. A library area for books and booklets related to the fiber house activities as well as some tech to follow patterns online (and places in the seating areas to rest a tablet, a pattern, etc.

  • The Pottery and Ceramics Studio
    This one has been a weird daydream of mine since I was a child. Our neighbor, Mrs Moss, was a potter. At first she had a place in the garage where she kept clay and her wheel and other supplies. Sometimes she’d let me and her son play with the clay. I loved it. I loved the slip, the clay. I never progressed much beyond making snake rolled bowls.  I also loved her kiln in the back yard–especially the one made from specially shipped bricks. We often considered slipping one out and peeking in. Strictly forbidden. In any case, I love the idea of a studio with all sorts of things for ceramics and pottery. Slab rollers, all those fancy tools, pottery wheels. Kilns of all sorts. An area for glazing. An area for painting. LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of shelves. (same deal with the kitchen/snack bar/drinks/closets/lockers for personal items)
  • The Glass StudioThis would be a place special built for playing with all things glass. From stained glass to blowing glass. Mosaics. Making glass tiles perhaps? I want to learn these things, do these things.
  • The Carpentry StudioFrom building cabinets and shelves to furniture to frames to tiny magic boxes. Tools. Space.
  • The metal works
    From my father’s welding and his forge he built in the back yard–metal work fascinates me. This might not be a first building. I don’t know anyone yet who could help me learn.
  • The Fix-it Shop
    A combo of a place to fix things with all tools and a place for restoration of vintage items and turning them into something new. A bit mix media,  a bit based on my father’s garage.
  • Arts and CraftsA painting studio, a place for beading, stone carving, shells and re-purposing.
  • A Scented Studio--room for making soaps, candles, lotions, all things scented. Room for curing, wrapping, worktables, wet areas, all the tools needed.

Somehow I need to sort out the distance and arrangement. The quieter craft studios should be away from the louder ones. The fire dangers will need to be addressed. I am sure I am forgetting something just now.

All of them will have appropriate storage, lockers, coffee machines/tea kettles, kitchenettes, snack areas. What else do we need at the Idyll. What Art and Craft studios do you desire?


  1. Don’t forget crochet in the Fiber House! I see the Fiber House as a refurbished giant old red barn, complete with loft space.

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