Super Busy Since the New Year Apparently

I have a billion blog posts in my mind but none I have time to type out.

Here is a wee update though:
After screaming that Avocado and Guacamole were out to poison her for a long time–girl child put guacamole on her mini nine layer dip yesterday and ATE it. She also has progressed from ramen eating to a fetish for canned refried beans.
If she starts eating bananas–I may wonder about a late in life changeling.

Speaking of the mini nine layer dip…here is the story. We have vegan child, non-vegan child, olive haters, olive lovers, lettuce haters, onion haters, etc. So instead of making nine layer dip that turns into a mess, I thought I would do it in those clear cups that I saw a couple of years ago on some blogs. Then yesterday at lunch time, I remembered the incredible fantastic corn tortillas we bought a few weeks ago. We still had some in the fridge. I decided to try the muffin tin trick to turn them into bowls. Well, the bowls weren’t perfect but fun.

I also made potato skins from actual potatoes for the first time. They were tasty.

It was an incredibly good evening with the girls. I love those!


  1. Now I want potato skins. And layered dip.

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