Plans for the New Year

My plans for 2014 in no particular order:

  • Figure out how to sell scrap metal and get it taken off to the scrap buying place. (3 steel prairie dog cages, an enormously heavy but very dead electric wheelchair, a “transport” wheelchair (also very dead), a kitchenaid mixer–not totally dead I don’t think but floodwater may have made it so
  • Throw away all the other stuff killed by the floods in the garage and organize it
  • Find new homes for the Pachinko machine (which I love, and it breaks my heart, but I can’t fix it, and it is dying in the garage), an entertainment center, the washstand (Betsy, want to pick it up and re-do it for your and Jess’s Etsy?)
  • Find someone to fix the Amish wagon so that next time Pippin comes, he can have fun in it.
  • Train the dogs MUCH better
  • Learn to FiloFax and to Smashbook
  • Get addresses for all the people I might want to ever mail
  • Bring prosperity into our home
  • Find my way to better communication and healthier relationships
  • Talk more with my mother instead of just her living with us
  • Blog at least twice a week and make a decision about whether I should officially change this from being a food blog where I seem to rarely talk about food OR talk about food more.
  • Get over my fear and my problem with the cost of dental care and get a full mouth or close to it of teeth by Rebecca’s graduation
  • Dig out my fitbit and charger and USE it–even though I am a sloth.
  • Finish scarf, hat, and socks for Denise
  • Create a beautiful, wonderful and perfect gift for RJ’s graduation that will speak to her for years of my love for her
  • Declutter on a regular basis–start to work on getting things ready for moving away from here.
  • Have sex on a regular basis
  • Make two seasonal (flip side) thin not pieced quilts to protect the real quilt during the day and evening from the dogs.
  • Love what I have in my life. If I don’t love it and no one else in the house loves it, uses it, or wants it–find a new home for it.
  • Teach Mama to use a computer.
  • Take initiative and plan fantastic outings with Denise, with the children. See this place we’ve lived in for so many years but not spent too much time in.
  • Take Mama on some outings
  • Go visit Father Jonathan’s Church
  • Find time for myself–all by myself–not just a nap time or reading time. Just alone time.
  • Fall in love again. Every day.
  • Be passionate.
  • Sparkle.
  • Find new and better ways to streamline work. Be more productive. Speak up more and make suggestions and share ideas.
  • Embrace Change.


  1. I knew there were ways to schedule it for pick up. I found a few links for you. They buy it from you. The second link collects electronics and other items as well. Hope that helps 😉

  2. What a fantastic list! This one “Fall in love again. Every day.” I work on every day.

    This: “Have sex on a regular basis” might scare Michael since Tamoxifen took all my drive away six years ago. He might like it though? eh…

    This: “Get over my fear and my problem with the cost of dental care and get a full mouth or close to it of teeth by Rebecca’s graduation” would give you guys an excuse to visit me. And we have care credit… however, I am in the same boat with three missing teeth and major fear. AND married to a dentist.

    This: “Blog at least twice a week” I’m going to shoot for once a week. At least it would be a regular post, right?

    This: “Sparkle” you do! Keep on twinkling!

    Also, your alone time goal is so important for me. I need alone time just to regroup and be able to handle the next onslaught of people. I really recommend Zentangle because you can be “alone” when you are with people.

    I really need to start putting my list together. This is an awesome set of goals for 2013!!

  3. mmm make that 2014. 😉

  4. This is a formidable list but I bet you can make a good dent in it! I can help you out with the scrap metal. We go to Maine Scrap Metal on Rand Rd. in Des Plaines. They have a website ( but you may be able to find one closer. Load the car up and make a trip over and you’ll have one less thing to think about the rest of the year. 🙂

    I was in a similar boat as you with the dental. I still have fear but for the past decade have gone religiously every 6 months for cleaning. The tricky part is finding a dentist you can stand. You don’t even have to “like” them but they have to understand the fear and treat you gently and with praise for coming in, etc. What I did was pick the closest one to my house and called and asked if I could come in for a free consultaion. JUST TO TALK. See if they listen and respect your needs. They can look in your mouth and suggest things but you get to think about it and make a decision. If you’re not sure, try a few more until one is the right fit for you. I’ve had a ton of bad dental experiences so I get it. Good luck!

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