How Do You Plan Your Days?

filofax  I received a Filofax for Christmas. It is the Doodler model for those of you who obsess about such things. All this means it seems is that it comes with a tiny not quite usable Spirograph type toy in the back.

I didn’t ask for a Filofax. In fact, I spent months mocking Denise’s obsession. I am not a list person. I don’t use a calendar or planner much. I’ve never been into serious journal recording of my life.

I may or may not still have the address book that I had when I was newly married 24 years ago. I remember it was in my dresser for years.

My days just happen. I read lots of Getting Things Done and productivity books. I just never have gone paper.

Part of it is that I’ve typed so long and my hands have fallen out of the habit of writing. I wrote endlessly long notes to friends in high school. I never had “good” handwriting. I am left-handed. I had a seizure disorder as a child. Then it totally went south during the time I was hyperthyroid. Soon after that I fell into computers headlong–though I dallied with them and typewriters for “real writing” from the time I was in sixth grade.

Now I have a Filofax. After some video or another Denise was watching for research, I may have said I was thinking about one. Ok I did say I was thinking about getting one. But, I wanted to approach it cautiously. Carefully. Like one thinks about getting a pet that requires a lot of care or decides to have a child. Oh, right…bad example in this house. A prairie dog who launched herself at me came home with me and we’d never even known the first thing about prairie dogs. We have three “fake” beagles as Joseph calls them. We have six children that we both wanted in our relationships with their fathers. But rational? Maybe not so much.

Here is the thing. I have this Filofax. I started trying to figure out how to start last night and ended up full of ideas and empty. I don’t know how to plan my days. I never have. You may find this odd because you know that deviance from my days makes me a sour cranky person.

I know I wake up. I fix a cup of instant coffee. I do my morning spam runs. I scan the social media streams and CNN for news. I spend the rest of the morning doing some work for MNN. Twice a week this includes a bit of fetching and coding in addition to the other duties. Three times a week we go get coffee. On coffee days, there may be a stop at the bank, post office, library. One day a week I take my mother to see my sister in the nursing home and pick her up in the evening. Around noon, I sign off for a bit for a “lunch break” which is more a refresh/re-set break. Then I do BlogHer work. On the weekends we run errands and naps. Add in some meals, some scheduled fetching of children on a fairly regular schedule–that is life here.  After dinner, more spam runs, social media,  I read. I talk to kids.

But–there is no plan. Life just happens and I float with it. Time expands when I have a tight deadline, a firestorm spam problem, a project.
I thought on Christmas I’d make my Filofax–a year about me–things I love, bug me, thought about. Then I thought I could use it like a real person–a way to get things done, to find my way with a pen again. But I don’t know how to start.

Seriously, I spent many hours trying to figure out how to print things to put in my Filofax. I even asked Denise if there was a way to email things to her Filofax–like present ideas.

How do you plan your days? What kind of thing should I start with?  What do I want to do and how do I make it work?

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