The Idyll-Early Main House Thoughts and a Preview

There are all sorts of things about the main house (for lack of a better word. It sounds so feudal or something.)  Maybe I will call it “The Family House” or just lapse into “The Flamingo House-Idyll location”Actually I think I will go with that. The Flamingo House. This one will be as showy as a flamingo…though not pink I don’t believe.

I am torn with what style. There is Victorian Gingerbread (which I love), Greek Revival (Which Michelle Loves), A colonial Charleston Single house style . I am actually leaning toward something rather like the The Douxsaint-Macauley House. Southern. Pretty. Oh dear–it is for sale. Practically perfect in every way! Forget the artist colony part. Forget the extensive acreage. I love the renovations in this house (with the exception of the bathroom sinks) Hmmm.

The only problem are the carriage tours and the noise I suspect. In any case, I’ve decided. It will look like that. But not in Charleston proper. (Though Charleston…Maybe I could just buy the house and Rainbow Row? That would work)

Important rooms for more discussion:

  • Master Bedroom Suite
  • 6 bedrooms for six children–all with en suite bathrooms because sharing a bathroom? Horrifying–especially in The Flamingo Idyll. (Note: Yes, I know. The children are nearly all adults now and will have homes of their own but I want them to have a place of their own when they visit or need time to regroup)
  • Across from the six children bedrooms will be a group of nurseries, night nursery, play nursery.
  • A children’s wing tv room where the grown children can watch tv together or whatever.
  • Family room
  • Formal Living and Dining Room.
  • Card room
  • Ball room
  • Library
  • Conservatory (with integrated hot tub that blends in with the rocks, trees, and plants
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • A mother-in-law apartment–very wheelchair accessible. Maybe two.
  • A special room for the dogs for while we are out of the house or when they want to hang out in their own space–with their crates, beds, toys, food, water, a dog door to a fenced play area with a sunning deck.
  • Secret passageways
  • A magic attic
  • Lots of places to hide out and read
  • Amazing amounts of hot water
  • Lots of coffee pots

Hang in there–those rooms will get more description. Then will come the various outbuildings–which will include various artisan studios (Pottery, Glass, Woodworking, Fiber arts and Mixed media, perhaps metalworks, an apothecary–with first aid, OTC conventional meds, herbals, and such., a recreation hall, and so much more.) and cottages, tiny houses, a place for your gypsy caravan/varda (or you could build one with help in the woodworks and metalworks), maybe a yurt or two. Dream with me.

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