The Idyll-The Beginning

I have this wee daydream plaguing me. Ok, it is a HUGE daydream. The best I can describe it in two words is “Hippie Versailles.”

I need to write it out though and maybe it will live on the screen and stop invading every moment. Maybe it will go from a daydream to something real. Maybe it will just become a collective daydream. I have no idea.

I know it is excessive. Expensive. Beyond reasonable.
All I know is I think “I am almost done with having a big family at home. We are reclusive sorts. We just will need a smallish home with enough room for the kids when they decide to visit.” I think tiny home. Or a smallish (or as they were known “mid-century” moderate size home)

But this space is one that begs for family, friends, and people I don’t know. It seems to be called “The Idyll” but I am unsure exactly why. It is saying “build it and the ones who need it will come and it is what you need as well.” I am unsure if those are whispers of truth or whispers of muse or ?

I thought I would start with the house with a fabulous bedroom, hot water, and a conservatory. That has been pushed away. I will instead start with the grounds. Roughly. I won’t spoil the rest. Then I will go section by section.

The grounds.

There will be a homestead type farm. In the farmhouse will live a great farm family that I haven’t met yet. They will know what to do and how to tend the creatures and the crops.

The crops will be food crops and there will be a lot of helpers to do the work under the direction of the farm family. There will be cows. Jerseys. Maybe some belted galloways. There will be riding horses and retired horses. There will be sheep and alpaca. There will be chickens. I suspect there will be some turkeys and a heritage pig or two.

The grounds will have creeks to explore, bike paths, bridle paths, places to wanders, trees and fairy rings. I suspect if you are really special you might find a special tree house hidden in the woods. The grounds will have forest and swimming holes.

There is an orchard–fruits and nuts of many types.

There are berry bushes. There are strawberries–not the commercially viable sort–but the smallish ones that make you smile when you taste them.

There is a boxwood labyrinth, (most likely a left handed one) with a fountain in the center.

There is an herb garden–garden herbs and medicinal.

There is an area thick with azaleas.

There is a Japanese garden-complete with koi, islands, zen meditation rock garden, bonsai and a tea house, of course.

A path with daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, and crocus. That path, the ones to the herbs and to the azaleas will be easily wheelchair accessible.

A wee beach. (We need to talk beach more later I think but I know that the grounds have at least a wee private beach.)

There’s a gazebo of course–with fairy lights.

There’s a beautiful field that fills with wildflowers in season.

There is a field that can be home to casual sports games, but will work for concerts and parties.

That is all for tonight. I tried not to mention any buildings yet–but know that they are coming. Many. One for you I think.

Let me know if I should hide this daydream away on a private blog or if I can just continue it here.




  1. I vote for more. 🙂

  2. Thanks Mel!

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