A Very Vegan Holiday?

This year, I have two vegan girls for the holidays. Several years ago, one was vegan and I pretty much ended up making vegan versions of several favorites. This meant double the cooking. It was exhausting and since I tend to flare during the holidays–not optimal.

The one that was vegan then, is now vegan gluten-free. The other is just plain vegan. So, I am trying to think about my menus and come up with something that the girls will eat–without the extra cooking and work. The problem is that well, 3 of the kids here for the holidays, and all three adults are not vegan. I am not going to get away with no non-vegan items. (and err–definitely there will be gluten.)

In any case, vegans (and people who love vegans) do you have any holiday recipes you love? Any resources?

While you are at it–what staples do you have on hand for vegan lunches/breakfasts/alternatives for dinner that the vegan can throw together themselves to eat while the rest of the family enjoys their non-vegan dairy goodness?

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