Terrascaping a Small Planet

Terrascaping a planet—or a small back yard. For my birthday I got a backyard fence. This has changed my dog watching in backyard activities from untangling the tie outs, cleaning up after them, and breaking up over rough play to terrascaping. Ok, maybe I read too much science fiction and there is a better description. In any case, anyone who has been here in the rain knows there is a large portion of our very small backyard that fills with water.

The dogs hate this puddle in the middle of their yard. Somehow a puddle at the dog park is fun–in their yard: EVIL! So, since I no longer occupy my hands by untangling them…I am working to shift the dirt (because our back “yard” is just gravel, dirt, and a two large trees and a small evil bush) so that the puddle doesn’t take over the yard every time it rains.

I do this by taking a shovel or two of dirt from the high places and moving it to the low places. I am making progress if one is to judge by the last rain storm. Each time the puddle gets lower and smaller. This is good.

Now I am starting to think of other concerns like…I need to make sure that while we don’t have a puddle–I don’t really want the water in the cellar either. The cellar already takes on water at an alarming rate. More would mean tragedies like–I have to go down there and relight the pilot light on the water heater.

So, I watch the dogs. I clean up after them. I keep the play toned to normal. And I consider the slope of the very small back yard and how to shift dirt to best advantage.


  1. And you’re doing it very well. Heh. Just think, soon you’ll have snowscaping to do…

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