A List Because I Hear They Drive Traffic

Not really.  A list just because I think of things to blog that have nothing to do with food and then I don’t blog sooo…anyhow.

  1. It was the “little kids” first day of school. (Sophomore in College, Senior in High School, Sophomore in High School.)
  2. They used to look like this:Kids (thinking Mrs Futch)
  3. Time flew.
  4. My birthday is on Friday. I’ve made a birthday list and I doubt I will get any items on it.
  5. Jenn’s birthday is Friday. She turns 30. She will be here. I remember being disappointed with my 30th birthday. I hope she won’t be.
  6. All  of the above points to the fact that I will be exactly 14 years older than Jennifer. Obviously I wasn’t a teenage mom. Blended families rock.
  7. Especially since I became a grandmother at 42, not yet 43 and my INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL Johnny Mac Pippin or if you must…A. Samuel will be here for MY 44th birthday.
  8. Christopher is also flying in JUST for my birthday. Ok, late that night. (and maybe to see his sister, nephew, and other mommy)
  9. I’ve been swamped in work, which I love (most days.), (Yay. I have a job. It has super fun parts–I get to send emails to people saying “You have WON!” and mean it. It has less fun parts–spreadsheets, templates, etc.) Then my other job has the niftiest new commenting system and moderation. Not only that, I feel greener just for hanging out with that community.
  10. My Candy Crush playing is currently at a level called “no time, little interest, tough level”
  11. That doesn’t mean I don’t sit playing it during waiting times and think:
    “Candy Crush is like a multiple choice test where I am not getting any of the right answers.”
    “Is Candy Crush a metaphor for life?”
    “Is Candy Crush a metaphor for handling spam?”
    “Is Candy Crush a metaphor for raising children?”
    “If I let Candy Crush suggest every move–will I clear this level?”
    “How long is it before they start prompting friends to send extra moves?”
    “What percentage of my Candy Crush game friends get prompted each day?”
    “Is the game making this level easier this round because I haven’t played for two days?”
  12. I often think about how things are related to other things that aren’t related. I tend to believe that is because all things are related.
  13. I have taste tested two of the new Starbucks bakery items with their sample days. They weren’t bad.
  14. Today is dog appreciation day or some such. I forget the exact holiday name. But, I don’t forget to appreciate the dogs every day. Even when I have to clean up after them.
  15. Despite posting an incriminating picture of them on Facebook and Twitter–that really was toy mess.
  16. I want to sew more and sew now.
  17. I miss the south.
  18. I wish I had a group of female friends to hang out with offline.
  19. I wish I had made arrangements to go give my kids first day of school hugs
  20. I need to stop listing things and go back to work because  there is a lot to do and I want to get totally ahead so I can enjoy having kids home and grandson home with us.


  1. Dinner was cooked in the Ninja Cooking System. Again. It was awesome according to my mother.
  2. I’ve not been eating much.
  3. I need to come up with some menus to prevent chaos while everyone is here. (Any hints on dealing with meals for a vegetarian, a vegan, gluten free by choice, a meat is ok if you hunt/catch it yourself, a toddler, a preschooler, a meat eater who is eating sparsely and pickily these days, a random group of strays you haven’t really cooked for,  a mother whose stomach has been touchy of late, another mother whose tastes other than she hates celery you haven’t pinned down yet, etc, etc?)


  1. When I’m playing Bejeweled Blitz, I often make it a metaphor for open adoption. No, really. And I think about how I should blog it — but then I remember that no one plays Bejeweled Blitz anymore.

    Oh well.


  2. That is one heck of a food preferences list – I feel exhausted now. How about the kind of meals that you put a bunch of stuff out and everyone builds their own plate. Like taco night when you have beans and meats all separate and vegetables that can be added, or not, and cheese, or not – like that? Or everyone cooks their own food? Or: SANDWICHES!!!!!

    What do you want to sew?

  3. I am at that Candy Crush level too! Except not because you are way ahead of me.

    I’m with Angelina and vote for the assemble your own meals approach. Taco bar. Baked potato bar. Stuff like that. Except on your birthday. That should be about what you (and the other birthday girl) want.

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