Feeling Empathy for Kate

As much as I would love to see the Royal Baby born NOW! Earlier than now. Just because, hey, a baby, one we will see for the rest of our lives off and on. (Yes, I know. Monarchy, powerless, wasteful, whatever. Non-UK person, Revolutionary war, I KNOW)  I feel empathy for Kate.

I was driven batty enough by the “You’re still here?” (no aliens abducted me) “Is the baby here yet?” (Ok, you are a close friend/relative who knows someone would call) “Have you tried…” (yes and then some)

The Prince was three weeks past dates. The two younger girls 10 and 14 days past dates.

And even if they weren’t–the questions started at ~ 8 months. Not only that: I was uncomfortable, done with the waiting myself, and grrrr.

So, my thoughts with Kate. I am sure the crush of people and media and world expectation makes it a billion times worse. (and geez, the Queen with her I hope it hurries up, I am going on Holiday. Mother-in-laws. :eyeroll: )

But there is something else about the past dates babies–I think the longer cooking makes them the best.

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