No Cook Mints (Or How I Thought I Invented the Peppermint Patty)

I won the KitchenAid Mixer and three attachments while I was at BlogHer Food 13. It is the Artisan series in watermelon.

KitchenAid Artisan Series Mixer in Watermelon

Yes, I dropped my card in the basket as I grumbled about how the KitchenAid isn’t left-handed friendly. I did ogle the hand blender with all the cool attachments though. In any case, I was on the bus to the food truck lunch when I saw a tweet saying I won! Wow.

Note, they didn’t ask for posts or mention and after they find them they might be saying “Why didn’t we re-draw for someone who knew what she was doing?” Or maybe not.

My first adventure was the No Cook Mints (Sadly, not a link to the actual KitchenAid site) from the book that came with the mixer. I had the ingredients. I wanted to see if my previous misadventures with KitchenAid were due to not having read the manual. Easy. Fast. Had the ingredients except for the food coloring.

I confidently placed the ingredients in the bowl before attaching to the stand. It said to do that right. It is a four ingredient recipe (cream cheese, powdered sugar, mint extract, green food coloring). How could I mess this up? So, I started mixing. But the powdered sugar wasn’t meant to be added before starting the mixer at speed 2. It wasn’t looking right so I added more powdered sugar but then it was not right, so more mint and back and forth. I ended up with a LOT of really good creamy no cook mint stuff. I didn’t have “Individual flexible candy molds” handy. So I just rolled into balls and squashed with a fork. (like with a peanut butter cookie.) I got ohhhh halfway through the process when I was tired and the cream cheese/powdered sugar stuff was starting to stick and melt and be a problem. So, I ate a few mints, handed one to Denise. Threw the rest of the mixture into a storage container and refrigerated it. (and the formed mints in a separate one) I would get back to rolling them and making them pretty the next day. I didn’t. Soon the finished mints were gone. They really were good.

Then I moved on to eating the unshaped mixture. Also, very good. Take a pinch as I wander through the kitchen on the way back from letting the dogs out. Thinking “I really should finish these, so I can offer them to the kids” Then thinking “How could I make this better?” CHOCOLATE.

I had this grand idea! I could INVENT a new recipe. Something never done before. I could make the little disks of mint and DIP them into chocolate. Fantastic. Wouldn’t that be good? A patty of peppermint covered with chocolate? Oh, yeah, right. Peppermint Patties. Sigh. Already invented. Nothing new in food.



  1. You are very good at inventing things that have already been invented. Peppermint patties and fleas…. awesome. The world thanks you.

    Also, they were pretty good. And you know, I only had that one little mint…. you ate a helluva lot of mint goo. Can you make them again so I can have another one?

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