Regarding Books and Reading

1. When you read a fiction book, an almost fluff book, are you surprised when a sentence or idea just grabs you as a truth?

2. Which would be the bigger and/or better challenge: Reading every book that James Patterson has written OR Stephen King? Would it be better to read each book or to skip the ones already read?

Somewhat related: What do you think it is like to be the only child of Stephen King without a Wikipedia mention?

3. Where does reading take you?

4. What do you do when you are having trouble reading?

5 Read anything worth reading lately? (The Other Typist was…interesting.Slow read, but interesting. NOS4A2 is a chunkster but a fast read. The other book by the Between Shades of Grey author was good but, there was some missing authenticity.

Speaking of reading, (and writing) My girlchild (17) won a $600 prize for her short story writing from a group of men who meet in Evanston to talk about short stories. This group has been around for 22 years and they focus on short stories, which fascinates me because I am not a short story person. And it is men–something else I find of interest. Anyhow I really am trying to coax her into writing at thank you note which she thinks is troubling and weird, but I think is smart in addition to being good manners.


  1. The Other Typist IS a slow read. Why is that? It’s making me nuts.

    I think if Stephen King was my dad, I’d be happy to NOT have a wikipedia mention.

  2. Congrats to your daughter!

    The only fiction I read lately: “AnYa and Her Diary” by Diane Christian. Here’s the bit that made me want to read the book: “I have a new mother and a father. I call my father Daddy. I call my mother Wanna. I call her that in secret because she Wanna be my mommy. She can’t. They mean nothing to me. I know their names, I know how many papers they signed to make me their daughter, but those papers mean nothing.”

    Grabs you, huh? It was hard to read for me as an adoptive momma, but a good book!

  3. And now I want to read AnYa and Her Diary!

  4. 1. Not really, though it depends on the book.

    2. James Patterson would give me fewer nightmares than Stephen King… but then I’d also have to read Patterson’s YA books and GAH. Tough choice.
    (And if I was the only King that didn’t have a Wikipedia page I’d probably be happy about that.)

    3. Everywhere.

    4. Play Candy Crush.

    5. I liked The Fishing Fleet but I don’t really think it’s your thing. (And it was a tad repetitive in spots. Not de Courcy’s best work.)

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