Sometimes Beaning Day is a (broken) Crock (Pot)

Scene: Driving youngest to high school 7:45 am

Me: I know where I had breakfast 11 years ago today
E: You are a freak
D: Me too
Me: Waffle House
E: Weirdo. You remember a random breakfast 11 years ago.
D: Yes. Well, that’s when your mother gave me my gold coffee bean…gesture…It’s kind of an anniversary
Me: Yes. Beaning Day.
E: You said breakfast. A BREAKFAST at WAFFLE HOUSE. No one does that. WEIRDO!

Ok, that isn’t an exact transcription. Close enough. The day started with that. Oh wait it started with news vans at the high school at 6:50 am when the older child went. We had a fairly quiet ride to school.

Then coffee. Then work and I over thawed and then guessed at what I remembered of this recipe: Balsamic Beef with RiceSelect.

But the recipe was straightforward, so I just guessed and remembered and messed it up big time. I am sure it was actually good. Then there was a girl pick up which was to occur AT circus but girl child skipped circus AFTER I told her she had better go. So I was a touch grouchy as I walked out the door because of that and realizing the rice steamer parts were in the dishwasher which was running. No rice, oh well. Rots but whatever. Unfortunately that guessing and remembering thing is NOT THE WAY to do a recipe you’ve never made.  I am sure it was actually good. Particularly with rice. Then Denise broke my crock-pot.  And cut her finger. I wasn’t sure she hadn’t amputated it the way she was holding her hand. She didn’t.

And there you go: Beaning Day. Our major anniversary and it wasn’t amazing or special EXCEPT that we are so very in love that it didn’t really matter that the crockpot broke, the kids are nuts, mama was mama, life was stressful, I had some sort of exhaustion and weird pain. No it wasn’t Beaning Day in Hawaii. It was a Beaning Day that was more like the long ago Cinderella Weekend. Wouldn’t trade it for a Hallmark anniversary with roses, candlelit dinner in exclusive restaurant, and long intimate discussions.  Poodle puppy, crock-pots, kid driving, going crazy, wanna come along?


  1. Betsy Keyser says:

    Happy – Wonderful – special Beaning Day. Love you both

  2. Beaning Day is often a broken crock-pot. lol. 🙂

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