Running, Maybe?

So, we’ve taken up “pack walks” again as a family. Basically this means that we pretend that this is for the good of the dog, Skeeter. She gets walked and then tired. We get fresh air and explore the many parks in the area.

Last fall I discovered during pack walks that running a block or so with the pup was fun. I rather quickly tired, but that is hardly surprising. I have always reserved running as something that one does while being chased.

Recently I have realized that I REALLY like running with the dog. Like, I might even like running without the dog. It makes me rather giddy even.

That brings me to my problem. So, I need new sneakers. Skeeter ate one of mine, badly, but I have been trying to pretend she didn’t just because errr…I don’t like the whole “You know you need to keep your shoes out of the dog’s reach” thing. So for about three weeks I have been wearing a pair of sneakers with very little back and no lining. The sneaker part isn’t a big deal. I wear those regardless.

But, if I decide to pick up running as a hobby, I am wondering if it is ok to just put a bra on and run in jeans. Will I look even more awkward? Do I really need a special running outfit? Will I make people think I am being chased because of wearing regular clothes? Will the real runners laugh at me? It is too cold to wear shorts. So, what exactly should I wear on my lower half with a tshirt and jacket?

I don’t want to really invest in this until I know whether I am really going to run regularly. The idea is pretty outlandish. Help!


  1. You can wear whatever is comfortable to run in. I think most runners don’t wear jeans because they tend to be a little restrictive – or can be. Why don’t you try running in whatever you like and see if it’s comfy? But your sneaker situation – that is different. You need a good pair or you can really hurt yourself. You don’t necessarily have to buy some shoes just for running but make SURE they offer some support and shock absorption.

    I can’t run because of my feet and my hip but before I broke my hip I loved jogging. Which is funny because I’m the last person I would have thought could enjoy it. I started after having Max because I’d go on fast walks but I wanted to go faster – my body just wanted to move so I started walk-jogging and then before I knew it I was actually jogging. I miss it.

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