Not Cooking

Denise cooked again. Ok, she cooked some pasta and threw the leftover pesto from last night on it. She also did some just add water yeast bread mix (“in less than an hour”) that was really good. At least I thought so and I really should dig the box out of the trash so I can remember the brand.

She did the menu this week (I already mentioned that, right?) She’s also been doing quite a bit of cooking. It’s been nice. My work days have been really long lately. I’ve been about to do my usual throw dinner together thing, but haven’t needed to do so.

Hmm maybe we need to actually revisit the chore split. (no, not really, other than not touching the dishwasher loading, we don’t discuss chores. Well, except for why I don’t fold laundry.) I am feeling like a sloth even though really–I just finished work and could have worked another six hours tonight.

I was slow getting started this morning though because I was distracted by the rain and flooding. Yes, we are fine, the house is fine, it just was loud and wet.

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