Fiddley Recipes

I am making this recipe for Cream Cheese Pesto Mini Peppers for dinner tonight It’s a pretty picture, isn’t it? Sounds delicious. Everyone’s favorite flavors. (ok, so basil pesto instead of cilantro helps people love it more.)

I have yet to plate the meal and I already doubt I will make it again. Why? FIDGETY. See all that deseeding and filling with cheese? It didn’t really take a lot of time. It required a lot of food touching though. One on one fussing with food. I just…don’t like doing it.

I might fail at “foodie” because I have no patience for this sort of thing. Or my lack of appreciation for it. In any case, I would rather do a brunch for 50 than one dish of fussy, tiny foods. Anyone else?


  1. Hmph. I think you will be making this again because it was really good. And sheesh, I would deseed the damn things for you.

  2. I don’t tend to like dishes that require too much fuss (probably why I’m not into baking very much) but sometimes if a dish is really good and you have a Denise to deseed things – you just have to go for it!

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