Grilled Goat Cheese and Roasted Pepper Sandwiches

That’s right. That is what we had for dinner. Grilled Goat Cheese and roasted pepper sandwiches. I made them right at home. They tasted like a fancy cafe meal, but they couldn’t have been simpler. Denise roasted the peppers on Sunday. We had gotten an amazing deal on those fancy pants bags of sweet peppers last week.

I simply destemmed and deseeded them and put them on buttered bread. Sliced some goat cheese to go on top. Grilled it just like regular grilled cheese. I am in love with them. Seriously in love.

Denise created the menus this week but was a little vague on the sandwich prep so the grilled cheese option was my idea. It was perfect. Don’t leave the nice sandwiches for eating out. You can and should make them at home. You are worth it!


  1. That sounds AMAZING!!!

  2. lol vague about sandwiches, lol. That is because that’s all they were supposed to be — goat cheese and pepper sandwiches, end of story. Grilling them was definitely a nice touch — the added butter is always a hit around here. Heh.

    Maybe we should try them NOT grilled for lunch?

  3. I made a pear and brie grilled cheese for lunch last week. I may do it again today. 🙂

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