Seventh Inning? Lucky Seven? Working on a Baker’s Dozen?

Happy Sock Day everyone. Really, just Happy Sock Day to Denise.

Unsure about Sock Day? It is far easier just to say it is an anniversary or that it is a blogiversary. You see today marks twelve years since the first “I love you.” and seven years since the first incarnation of this blog.

Onto the marshmallow portion:

So, seven. Seven is your favorite number or so you will say. Maybe your favorite as much as green is your mother’s favorite color.

The blog has been reworked as is tradition for the day. I growled at you for saying you never look at my blog the other day. Of course, I don’t either which is probably how I ended up with such a major remodel.

You know this year was different, that instead of gritting my teeth and playing web designer, that I hired one. (and I shall blog about that as well in a different post) That  felt like wimping out on Sock Day. After all, the point of sock day gifts has traditionally been for me to jump head first into making something. Then I realized it isn’t at all about making something, it is about stepping out on a wire, bravery, and the negotiation of control. You’ve know the design was underway.

You know I panicked when I saw the old one broken. You know I had a lot of trouble deciding to hire rather than do another redesign that didn’t quite work. Yes, I fretted for days.

Then gah, slow. Once I decided, it should be overnight–just like every website I have built…or not. Ok, but the hard part is done. No. I had to communicate. That was hard. It still seemed like cheating to hire someone. Too easy.

But then, came the “little” things. Colors and pixels. Asking other people for help in finding words. The knowing something seemed off, but not quite being able to tweak it myself. I suddenly came to a realization. This, this hiring out of design, as big of a step out, maybe bigger than Board Q and A or the very first Retro-food or even any other site since then.

While sock day for you was stepping out on a wire, it was always me smiling at the end of it. “Look. No hands. I can do it myself.”  This year I step on the wire and ponder the dance of control in our relationship and in web design.

Still, I smile and call you to my arms. Look what I did. Look what I can do, what I imagine for me, for you, for us.

I love you. Happy Sock Day.


  1. Hah. It’s always been a good idea to ask someone for help. Or let someone help you. I said that 12 years ago, too — didn’t I?


  2. Yes, but then you wouldn’t have been so stunned by someone building a website for you. Besides that, you love the look of me when I am up to something.

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