Pros and Cons of Vacation

Today was a day of madness, our first full day back at work post vacation. Things I have discovered:

  1. I really like sleeping in my own bed
  2. It is wonderful to be home with the puppy, the dog, and the prairie dogs
  3. Since I work as a contractor, it was all too easy to put off until today all sorts of things. Bad idea. Seriously long day of catching up…even though I worked on vacation
  4. I came to rely on those yummy breakfasts dropped off at our door each morning, the great selection for lunch, a lovely dinner
  5. Our bathtub seriously is small and even though it is small–there isn’t enough hot water.
  6. Yay! One of the girl children is home and she makes me smile
  7. Chicagoland scenery is not interesting
  8. Dog, puppy, and prairie dogs are loud.
  9. Having your own coffee pot is good
  10. Even though we both work from home, we don’t spend time together during the work day. I missed Denise today.
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