So, I haven’t been around much. Work has been…work. (Yay! I have work I enjoy. Fortunate. Blah blah blah.) Kids have been kids. Tummy troubles have been tummy troubles. The usual. I was going to blog a post–yet another more “Mommy” post than food with an apology and promise to actually post some gut wrenching Jell-o or meatloaf. I popped into my blog and what? Wait! My template is broken. In any case, ignore the ugly. Remind me “Tiptoe” when I get it fixed and am happy about the blog layout again.

(and no, I don’t believe that I just posted one of the most hated sorts of posts ever: the “I am sorry I’ve been gone, I am not even going to provide you with something for your reading pleasure except more apologies for being inexcusably lax in monitoring my blog. )


  1. Reading backwards in your blog…I see you hate this design that I just complimented you on. Whoops! I don’t know if I’d want it permanently but it looked really good on my iphone. Here I go again…open mouth, insert foot.

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