Lockdown World

One of my sons had a lockdown at his college this week. It’s his first year. I saw the message on Facebook and knew what was going on. It wasn’t the sort of lockdown to make much more than local news. (for which I am grateful) He buzzed me to tell me there was a lockdown as well. I said something along the lines of “I bet you thought you left that behind when you chose your college” He said that he had hoped so.
Yes, I scanned the news. It was an off-campus (but close to campus) domestic situation. I knew the boy was safe but annoyed.
On reflection about the situation, I realized that he has been in more lockdowns and lockdown drills in his life than I probably had fire drills. He is a freshman in a post-Columbine world. I remember too vividly the Springfield, OR shootings (I lived in Oregon at the time) and Columbine and my tears picturing my wee babies in such a situation. I was horrified when my child started school and would talk nonchalantly about lockdown drills. I remember my worry the first time it wasn’t a drill. I’ve growled and worried through not a drill lockdowns for years…across schools in now three states. Thankfully the majority have been because of an abundance of caution on the part of the schools. It’s probably a good thing that this has been the case. When word of the lockdown occurred this week, I didn’t go from having an ok day to overwrought mommy. Yes, I still thought of him. Yes, I thought about the stress levels. But, no, I didn’t launch myself into the car to sweep my baby boy into the mommy bubble of safety.


  1. Yes. BB has been in more lockdown drills in his first two years of elementary than I ever had (I only had a month and a half of high school after Columbine and we didn’t have any drills of any sort — ever — in college, MINUS, I guess, a yearly fire drill in the dorm).

  2. I’m shocked- in Europe we just don’t have lockdown drills like that. How terrible that they are needed, but of course good if they keep people safe. We have always had terrorism drills (Europe has had bombers from Basque to IRA for most of the 20th century, and of course post 9-11). I have always been grateful that we seem to have/need fewer and fewer of these since the 80s when I was growing up. But sadly as one situation gets better somewhere else it gets worse.

    What a terribly sad situation that such a thing as a lockdown drill is the norm.

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