Many would find it surprising. I have a reputation for being marshmallowy. But, in thinking about Valentine’s past, I couldn’t remember anything notable I did…except one year I made a laminated heart with instructions to put the toilet paper roll on so it goes over the top. Yep, that’s my Valentine triumph.

The children get the same thing every year: a box of conversation hearts and a small heart shaped box of what a child called truffles one year. It tickled me so much that I continue to call them truffles over a decade later. The traditional “I love you!” from mommy.

Before, I fussed over Valentine’s day. I threw myself into it. I made it a big deal.

Now, I don’t. Instead there’s a mint on the pillow every night. A bouquet shows up from the supermarket or Trader Joe’s from time to time. We shop together. We dream together. We are seldom apart. But dinner tonight was our usual Thursday night dinner. Our day was our usual day. On schedule. Predictable. And always filled with love.


  1. I think that’s the best way to go about it. Periodic and spontaneous signs of love. Plus, just the whole living your lives together and enjoying each other – that is what really matters.

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