Pink Shrimp Sauce

The recipes of my family have grown unsurprising to me. Sort of. I have flipped through them so many times, made so many, they just have lost their surprise factor.

I forget that there is a wee little book belonging to Denise of “her recipes” (in addition to the beautiful printed one that her mother made one year as a gift)

The wee little “Recipes to Remember” is a three ring binder of recipe pages. There are some pasted in recipes and some handwritten with her very girl handwriting.

This one caught my eye today. It made me wonder “Why?” There’s nothing wrong with it particularly. (other than chili sauce which makes any recipe suspect in my mind.) It just doesn’t fit in my version of Denise. It is a peek into that mysterious pre-Tarrant world. The world where Denise cooked, went to parties, was a young bride, had friends and in-laws that served her things and gave her recipes.

So here it is…

Pink Shrimp Sauce
1 cup mayo
1 tsp. vinegar
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp Worcester sauce
2 tbs ketchup
2 tbs chili sauce

Mix and serve

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