Nineteen Years

Another birthday post I am late with…which is kind of ironic since one of the meds the doctor keeps wanting to try is the one I was on just before boy child was born. In fact, I thought about saying today “Nineteen years ago I had an unforgettable reaction to that medication.”

This birthday was strange. The first as a big kid away at college. The “little kids” spend Thanksgiving with their father and his birthday often falls on Thanksgiving. A National Holiday for the boy actually born on Thanksgiving (and his grandfather’s birthday). We usually celebrate the weekend before or after so that shouldn’t have felt odd. This year, his birthday fell on a day he was (partially before heading back to college) home with us. He received his traditional birthday dinner (Fakesgiving! Thanksgiving for Joseph!) and traditional birthday breakfast.

Ok, so boy at 19.

Since I have plastered my heart all over this blog about him this year–between graduation and going to college, it is hard to think of something new to say about my first born.

He’s off at college having fun with interesting classes. (so interesting that I think that Japanese isn’t his favorite class) He’s making new friends. He isn’t online all the time. There is a strange empty spot in the family. I notice it often when riding in the car with his sisters. There isn’t that third voice from the back seat. There isn’t the boy at the dinner table to give the “see what I put up with” look.I miss him buzzing me during the workday on Google chat. No more boring classes with computer access at college.

On the other hand, we get to fuss over him when he is home.

The other new thing is the dog/boy relationship. He’s long claimed he hates dogs. He claims he still does…except for Skeeter, his tweed dog. She feels the same about him I think. The other night she held a toy in her mouth and was staring hopefully at his bedroom door. I let her in. She tackled him and he laughed. He’s long had a thing for the prairie dogs too. He doesn’t have an intense love of new pets that fades. Instead he warms up to them and it turns into a lasting thing. He’s like that with people too. It’s one of the interesting things about Joseph. He’s unlikely to love anyone at first sight, but then he does devotedly.

I am unsure as to what to get him for Christmas. I feel like I should start getting him hope chest types of things, dishes, cookware, but he has no place for them in his dorm. He has all the gadgetry he needs. He hasn’t asked for anything. I could get him all sorts of random little things and he would like them–but the big things…harder.

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