This week in food

So, I am still under the weather. Ok, that’s a lousy phrase because the weather hasn’t been horrid yet this year. In fact, if I didn’t know better I would think that Chicagoland has a temperate livable climate. I am not fooled yet.
Anyhow, the food cooking has been scarce this week. I have managed to cook “real food” two nights in a row though.
Last night: rice in the rice cooker with a diced onion and sliced mushrooms tossed in to cook with it. I “grilled” a kielbasa of some nature on the new “smokeless” indoor grill that fits over the gas ring on the stove. Not smokeless. Sort of wobbly. Not the miracle product the box at the H-mart promised. Also, I sort of burned the sausage.

Tonight specialty but I cooked too much pasta so made peanut/sesame noodles as a “future” food. Unfortunately, I didn’t immediately put them away and Denise saw them and served herself. Apparently they were spicy tonight. I can’t taste anything so that may be the case, especially since after girlchild saw the noodles she said the same thing about them.

Everywhere I turn people are cooking and planning special meals. Thanksgiving dinner will be Saturday night instead of Thursday. Red Hot Jell-o will make a command appearance. I will try not to forget the stuffing. We may make Surprisingly Good Salad. I want to make cranberry bread but we only have one bag of cranberries so it may just be a single type of cranberry sauce this year. I suppose I should have checked the raisin situation for Witchy Pooh Cake. We bought the turkey yesterday. It is not much bigger than what I will choose for a roasted chicken. I sort of am befuddled by it and questioned whether that small was just going to be too small. Not logically of course–one kid is vegetarian. They aren’t likely to be ravening hordes. And just how much leftover turkey does one need anyway?

I am unsure what else will be served this week. I am wondering if making Denise and Mama scrounge all week will be acceptable.

I feel guilty that we will do nothing special on Thanksgiving. It is sort of brutal enough when it is just Denise and me for Thanksgiving. (George’s What’s Cookin’ the first year here was dismal in a way. That was the first year we had no kids at all at any part of the day.) With Mama, I sort of feel like I should make some effort and cook something. She’s seen me stumble around the kitchen of late so I am sure she would understand. I am looking forward to seeing the boy child home from college. He’s been busy with school lately and not chatty.

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