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I know, I know. I started the month pretty good and then bam…nada. I have a reason though. I have been in the hospital for a chronic condition flare. Or maybe it isn’t the chronic condition but previously undiagnosed other chronic condition, or maybe I expect too much out of myself. You see the hospital didn’t give a lot of answerThe upside to hospitals are: meds! Good Jell-o (once they let you have it) and… TV. I rarely watch TV at home. (Survivor in season, sometimes something with the kids but rarely) We watch TV in hotel rooms…and I watch it in the hospital. I have no focus and can’t read. Pulseox thing makes it hard to type. (Darn touch typing! Why can’t I just be a classically trained two finger typist?) and of course, the meds and being sick makes everything sort of horrible sounding. Seriously–I read status updates and texts and a post I wrote last week –embarrassing. Completely. I still am ramble-y and messier than usual. I’ll work back up to minimal polish soon. I promise.

In the meantime, back to tv. I watched a lot of it. But, I didn’t watch the nifty BlogHer TV–instead relying on the dubious production and storytelling values of cable television. Yes, I may have babbled incoherently about Amish/Mennonite kids at a bachelor party in Atlantic City and the sheer genius of some show about a duck call making family.
I should have watched BlogHer TV! You should too…go click the video in my sidebar. There are some really great ones and I am sort of hooked on the Hila vids in particular; even though I don’t do food pictures or food tv. She makes me laugh. Watch a lot from here too because I get some pennies from it for my hospital fund–ok for probiotic purchases? dog toys? Something.

All of this leads up to… BlogHer wants your opinion about how you watch or don’t watch video on the internet. What size box makes you cringe and what makes you click. Go answer this super quick survey. Seriously–very quick even if you are slow brained like me today. Your thoughts are so valuable and your opinions will help BlogHer.com make better decisions about video content. So do me a favor and click the survey link!

Survey Link:

BlogHer Video Survey (Super quick, under 5 min, please!)


  1. I did it because you asked me. I’m all nice like that sometimes.

  2. I thought I was the only person that enjoyed hospitals and hotels because of the tv! We don’t have cable, and when we have tv on, it’s just news or kids tv. I love traveling and watching HGTV

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