Jack-O’-Lantern Salad

I rather adore old appliance cookbooks. Microwave cookbooks are particularly amusing to me for some reason. This one came with someone’s Litton Microwave in 1981. What you have here is a basic carrot Jell-o salad decorated with dates to make a Jack-0-Lantern. The microwave part…BOIL water in the microwave–4 to 6 minutes on high-and be sure to start with hot water. I am pretty sure that the low wattage microwave that just went to live with the college girl would boil water faster than that even if it started cold.

In any case…

2 cups of hot water (then boil in the microwave!)
Stir in a 6 oz package of orange gelatin.
Chill until soft set and then stir in 1 lb shredded carrots. Pour into round cake dish, chill until firm. Then unmold and decorate with dates to form the face!

Be sure to invite me over then–I have a fondness for orange Jell-o with carrots.

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