Menu for Turning 49

Denise turns 49 this year. Next year is 50 and I can’t trump her 40th birthday. (Melissa Ferrick) I didn’t try this year. Maybe next year…maybe not.

Birthday Dinner Menu:

Pimento Cheese Chicken a fortuitous find on Bran Appetit. Seriously, check it out.

Hot and Heavy Hashbrowns Just because they are a favorite. Yes, I know I am going heavy with the pimentos and cheese. Not to mention the extra pimento cheese I made for sandwiches this week. Like I said–a favorite food.

Cole Slaw. No recipe, just my head–vinegar, sugar, mayo, cabbage, carrots, salt, pepper, a squeeze of lime

Cream Horns just for her for dessert if she decides to have one tonight. No cake. She’s not a cakey kind of person. It’s been a busy day. She probably has already cursed kitchen mess several times today.

Oh–gifts! That’s what you came for: A Breville YouBrew coffee pot. Hopefully this one works out better than the last birthday coffee pot and a coupon ottoman.

But, you didn’t come for a menu and gifts did you?

Well, you might have, but that isn’t what I do for birthdays.

48 was a year full of CHANGE and you (Denise) hate change.

But, these were the changes of children get older, you get older too. (cue Fleetwood Mac-not that other version) Michelle moved to Philadelphia. You went to Hawaii to await and help birth our first grandchild. Johnny Mac Pippin. Our lives from before your last birthday to this one have had a lot of baby waiting, baby seeing, and baby missing. We watch videos of him. We smile to see pictures of him. You had Dole Whip for the first time. You saw a bit of the magic that I’ve told you about Hawaii, that Skeeter Bess told you about Hawaii. Of course, nothing was as awesome as Johnny Mac Pippin’s birth. Tears still prick my eyes when I think of your voice when you called after his birth. Every third word was awesome.

Then Skeeter Bess the person passed away right after we got back from Hawaii, before you’d had a chance to call.

Another boy has garnered quite a bit of attention.  The boy child graduated high school and then he left for college. Just two hours away-but there’s a strange emptiness in car rides to school and at the dinner table.

Then Wilma died while at BlogHer. The office is quieter–sort of.

The dog we’d been talking about for months in a day dream sort of way, became a reality. A puppy as a present for the August birthday girls. Skeeter Bess has turned the house upside down. Lots of training, lots of laughing, lots of shredded paper, stolen socks, chewed shoes, lots of puppy sleeping noises in the night, lots of changes in daily routines. Perhaps by this time next year she will have settled. In the meantime, we’ve become those people who take their dog on trips, to ride in the car for coffee and kid pick up.

We even traded in your beloved Whaley Boy for the Prius Puppywagon.

A lot of change, but what hasn’t changed–I love you. From the inconsequential things to the big things, the joy, the pain, the predictable nature of our days, our weeks, the daydreams, the stories, the questions–all just a wee part of your year of being 48.


  1. I got all the way to the last paragraph before I cried! Progress!

    Sending love to you both and wishes for more JMP videos and lots of delicious coffee. And, less shoe chewing. That would be good.

    Most of all, I’m wishing Denise a year full of only the changes of which she dreams.

  2. OMG, same here! I got all the way down to the last paragraph and then got sappy. Happy birthday, Denise. Hugs to you both.

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