Kitchen Appliance and Puppy Advice needed

We are in the market for the following items and I would love your recommendations:

1. A microwave. Not compact. Ability to mute the sounds is a HUGE plus. Able to: defrost meat, cook frozen vegetables, heat microwave dinners/snacks and reheat coffee. Oh and of course, bend to the will of the teen girl and make ramen and popcorn. Non rusting another plus.

2. A coffee pot. 12 cup better than 10 cup. Programmable not strictly necessary. Leaking during brewing is a definite minus. Keep warm is good. (see above rewarming coffee–someone in the house has no problem with reheated coffee) Current coffeepot: Cuisinart 12 cup with built in grinder, thermal pot. Lasted 2 years. But it leaks during brewing, pain to clean, thermal pot spout broken.

There is a Cuisinart 1 cup at a time dispensing pot that intrigues me online BUT…why don’t they have a place you can go to test brew coffee pots before you take the plunge?

Off the kitchen and into puppy land:

1. Obedience: I’ve read too many books and websites now. I feel like moms must feel. I don’t want to ruin the puppy. Waaaa! What method do I use? I’ve only ever dealt with older dogs in the past. This time I feel like I get to start almost from scratch. I want to get it completely right.

I want a civilized dog who doesn’t pull when out for a walk, comes when called, sits when told to, doesn’t eat people, doesn’t eat books, doesn’t jump on the bed, doesn’t knock people over when she is excited to see them. Oh and can deal with her people being gone for a bit. (So far she is doing ok with “sit” and “wait”) Methods? Preferences?

2. Boarding We need to go take some things to the 22-year-old girlchild in the next couple of weeks. Other dog and mama will stay home. Mama obviously can’t take care of 30 lbs of puppy exuberance (alternated with 30 lbs of puppy sleeping). Do we take her with us (going by car-and she is good in the car) or kennel her? (we have a nice kennel that offers play time but…she is less than a month from being a shelter born and raised puppy.)

So offer advice!


  1. Sassymonkey says:

    We love our Technivorm Moccamaster coffee maker but they are spendy. And only 10 cups.

  2. your daughter says:

    This is more important than my birthday post? My heart is broken. MY HEART IS BROKEN.

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahha Elly, Elly, Elly.

  4. For the puppy obedience, take her to the local pet store for whatever six week long puppy course they have. That will get you off to a good start, and you’ll be able to determine what kind of methods you and Skeeter Bess prefer.

    Take her with you. If only because she might just drive Denise a little crazy and that would be fun to read about. 🙂

  5. My parents swear by Pet Smart’s obedience training. They have a puppy class and a 5month+ class. I think we’re starting in January. Really, my parents’ dog is the most well-behaved dog I’ve ever met.

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