The Smell was Unstopable…

As you know, I was at BlogHer. That means I came home to that lovely chore: washing stale laundry. I don’t know about you–but I know that my clothes may never smell quite so bad as after a trip. I blame the suitcase. It couldn’t be four days of walking, dancing, sweating, eating standing up, eating while animatedly chatting, or pressed against strangers in elevators. This year…I have no fear that I will catch the scent of conference food in the air whenever I wear the same clothes. Why? Downy Unstopables In Wash Fresh Scent Booster

How do I know? last year, the nice folks at P & G demonstrated Downy Unstopables In Wash Fresh Scent Booster at BlogHer. Ok, they talked and handed me some. I looked at them skeptically. I am NOT a scent person. Wouldn’t it be waxy? It looked waxy? What would I do with them?

In fact, I may have handed them off to oldest child (Johnny Mac Pippin’s Mama) when we got home. (I did) But, we had more.

One day, while doing a load of laundry known around here as “dog towels” but generally includes anything unsavory smelling–I threw some in the wash. And…MAGIC. Not only did the dog towels not smell when they came out of the laundry–a feat that doesn’t occur with our normal cleaning regimen–the smell didn’t pop back up as the haunting ghost scent of that section of the towel area.

Then, it was on to (shh–don’t tell the scent hater) OUR towels. You see we don’t wash them after every use. Everyone has their own towel and it makes no sense to wash seven or eight or ten towels every day. Sometimes, the “people” towels would have an odor…after just one use. It wasn’t the unclean bodies touching them. It was some sort of reactivation of deep down mustiness. Blame the child who hoards wet towels in her room. Anyhow, using the Downy Unstopables In Wash Fresh Scent Booster meant I wouldn’t smell that “wet towel” smell. I also wouldn’t notice that freshly showered boy smelled like he needed another shower after an hour in his room. hmmm.

I hear you thinking “Ok, why is Tarrant talking about LAST YEAR’S swag? I know she’s running late with her posts on the conference, but that’s excessive” I will tell you why: P & G is running a nifty program–now through the end of August. (Coincidentally-my birthday is in August. This is a great way for you to give me a birthday present and get some nifty stuff!) Click the link in the widget below! Buy some Unstopables (or any other product on the site!) and I get a nifty commission. You can get Unstopable nice scented clothes…or a Swiffer…or an Olympic themed bundle!

Guess what else is cool? FREE SHIPPING if you spend more than 25.00. 10% off ALL orders through the end of the month.

So, you save a bit of money, you don’t need to schlep the stuff home. (and really…if I were you…I would pick up some of that Olay Regenerist while you are at it. I think buying wrinkle stuff at the drugstore feels worse than buying condoms or a pregnancy test. Who wants to stand there and try to figure out which one and whether you are worth it…then face the scorn of the checkout clerk? You are worth it. I am secretly plotting my OWN purchase of more Regenerist. (Yes, I use it. Yes, that is why some of you think I still look like I am in my 20s.) Also, know that Swiffer is the official mop of the Flamingo House. You want one of those too.

Click! Buy! Anything will give me a bit of a commission for my birthday AND give yourself some mighty fine products.

Downy Unstopables In Wash Fresh Scent Booster


  1. TW! You’re amazing. Love the way you write. and SO persuasive. I’m not a scent person either, but you’re making me think I should try this stuff. Clean Dog Towels? Wow! I’ll take a case, Fondly, Robin

  2. Clean dog towels rock.

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