Off to BlogHer 12

Come talk to me at BlogHer '12

My mother asks last night “Are you excited yet about going to BlogHer?” I reply with a shrug, a “not really,” a “it’s work.”

I never know how to answer that question. There’s so much to do before I leave–getting her squared away, getting the prairie dogs, the bird, the dog squared away. There’s a ton of mommy guilt as there has been for the past few years–I will miss my youngest child’s final circus camp performance. This year is especially tough because it is her last year as a “camper.” She’ll be Miranda in The Tempest. This hurts. A lot. (and she knows it.)

I’ll be in a tempest of my own. NYC. Crazy long for me days. Lots of socializing. Connections to be made, renewed. Lots to learn. Lots to do.

There’s fun in store…but even that has the ability to make my nerves dance. (Rockettes Workout? What am I thinking? Party? ok, but I finally settled on wearing my usual jeans. I did get something called a dress t-shirt to go with them. Does that make me fancy?)

Meet Dr. P? Eek. I was her mod at WebMD at one time…for diet. I definitely don’t look like a diet all star right now.

Nerves. I have them.

Know why it is ridiculous? Because in just a few days, I will be deep in the wonder. I will remember no one will care what I looked like and if they do? Not my problem. I will laugh, be hugged, learn, smile, miss people I want to see, get to know new people that I don’t even know about right now. There will be some amazing keynotes. I will sniffle through the community voices. I will no doubt console someone weeping. I’ll hand my drink tickets over. I’ll get so tired I won’t want to be upright for a week.

I will grin like crazy because the President is speaking to us…and while he’s not my favorite president ever at all: I love that a conference that answered “where are the women online?” became a conference worth presidents and candidates. I will love the expo hall.

I’ve attended all the annual conferences since 06. I only missed the first one. (and I watched that one avidly online.) I always at this point think “Maybe I won’t go this year.” I always come home and tell everyone I know to attend.

So, come talk to me at BlogHer. I love meeting new people. Really. I love seeing the familiar faces too. Be part of why this is the one conference I don’t miss.

I am wrong of course when I told her I wasn’t excited. I am. Very.


  1. I’m looking forward to seeing you again! I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon. I’m a Mic Wrangler Thurs. and Fri.for a few sessions.

  2. And I’m excited *for* you! Tweet us, ‘k?!

  3. I’m one of the new people you met at BlogHer12. I’m impressed your attended all but one BlogHer; this was my first. It’s a real “show” in many ways.

  4. You were one of my very favorite parts of Blogher. Always, every year, but especially this year. xoxoxoxoxo

  5. It is a show…and fascinating. It’s a bit different each year. I enjoyed meeting you and learning your blog!

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